Sawn of cut products

Sawn of cut products

Why buy Little Granite from the Troydo quarry?

  • Products in slabs, blocks or reverse
  • Quality, material selection: stones are strickly selected
  • Full traceability of each block, for standardised deliverable parts
  • Choice of blue stone blocks/slabs by the client in the quarry
  • Consistency of the block, complete limestone for monuments
  • Extraction by a ‘gentle’ technique with a diamond wire saw for quality limestone
  • Squaring of the blocks and cutting to leave unsuitable offcuts in the quarry
  • Reserves that will last for several decades
  • Quarry is respectful of the environment

Dimensions of the  blocks

On average, the standard measurements of the blocks extracted by the Troydo quarry are the following:

  • Length: 2,0 to 3,0 m
  • Width: 1,0 to 2,0 m
  • Thickness: 0,5 to 1,5 m

Dimensions of the slabs

Squaring of the block

Before being sawn into slabs, the blocks are squared off and sized to dimensions by means of a disc with a 3 m diameter.

The slabs extracted in the quarry have the following variable dimensions:

  • Length : 1,5 m to 3,0 m
  • Width : 0,70 m to 2,0 m

The slabs are sawn at the quarry and their thickness varies depending on the needs of the marble masons and their final use.

Thickness of the bespoke slabs

Thanks to the Benetti FAST 736 sawing machine, the Troydo quarry can provide you with slabs of a precise thickness to respond to all of your requests. Our advantage is being able to cut slabs of several thicknesses out of the same block!

Recycling the offcuts

The squaring offcuts, the blocks unsuitable for retail and the excavated rocks are transported to the rockfill area to be separated by being poured through a sieve. Large blocks are reduced prior to this by means of a hydraulic hammer mounted on a digger.

The offcuts are then crushed so as to not be lost with our crushing equipment.

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